EFOY Pro 2200 | Fuel Cell AGE


The EFOY Pro Series meets the demands of professional and government customers. The EFOY Pro Series fuel cells come in four models: the EFOY Pro 600, EFOY Pro 1200, EFOY Pro 1600 and EFOY 2200, featuring charging capacity from 600 to 2160 watt hours per day. If more power is needed, just combine several EFOY Pro fuel cells.

EFOY Pro Series fuel cells are ranked tried- and-true by professional customers for remote mobile and stationary applications. They deliver 100% reliable power in a variety of scenarios.

The EFOY family of fuel cells has been designed especially for consumer needs in the leisure market. EFOY fuel cells have made their mark as THE power source of choice particularly for mobile homes, sailboats, vacation homes, cabins and lodges.

EFOY Fuel Cell – Pro 2200 Watt

38% more power 
The newest performer in the EFOY Pro Series has arrived � the new EFOY Pro 2200 for professional applications. Our new addition to EFOY Pro Series delivers 90 watt. It packs 38% more power than the EFOY Pro 1600 and features a charging capacity of 2200 watt hours a day.

Qualified for more applications
The new EFOY Pro 2200 allows you to meet more demand by your customer and qualifying for more applications.

Experience of 14,000 fuel cells sold 
More than 14,000 fuel cells sold and a rich experience � that is the successful balance in the business of fuel cells. And now you will benefit from this experience. Adding to the EFOY Pro 600, EFOY Pro 1200, EFOY Pro 1600 family, the new EFOY Pro 2200 has been engineered to incorporate all experiences and improvements of the EFOY Pro Series. More power and a reduced consumption � EFOY fuels are the silent, environmentally friendly and 100% reliable power solution �anytime, anywhere.

An EFOY fuel cell is your guarantee of having fully charged batteries �all the time. The fuel cell works fully automatically with no negative environmental impact, regardless of the weather! You can enjoy the convenience of all the electrical appliances in without worrying about running out of power.

Reliable and always available!
The EFOY produces electrical energy whenever it�s needed and it does so fully independent of the weather or season. It makes no difference whether it�s been raining for days on end or whether your cabin lies buried under leaves or snow. You�ll have power 100% of the time with all the comforts of home.

Fully automatic
The built-in Automatic Charge Control regulator permanently monitors battery voltage. If it dips below 12.3 volts, the EFOY fuel cell automatically cuts in to recharge the battery. It then automatically shuts off. You don�t need to lift a finger.

Extremely quiet!
EFOY fuel cells work so quietly that you can sleep right through it. Even if your space is just one room, the only thing you�ll hear from the EFOY when it�s in operation is a light hum, comparable to a computer�s fan. That�s an unbeatable advantage over generators!

Environmentally friendly!
Besides electrical power, the only things that come out of an EFOY are water vapor and carbon dioxide in an amount comparable to a child�s breath. The fuel that runs the EFOY can be generated from renewable resources and is easily biodegradable. Energy doesn�t have to be a dirty business!

Super light!
The EFOY fuel cell only weighs around 7 kg, making it a compact lightweight that you can even transport on foot to any cabin. What�s more, the practical EFOY fuel cartridges allow you to store several weeks of energy. Electrical power has never been this easy!

In case you have to run electrical appliances all year long even though you�re not there, (weather stations, transmitters, etc.) you can rest assured that the EFOY will do its job, even in extremely low temperatures. The EFOY, moreover, has its own built-in anti-freeze feature for when it isn�t in operation.

Remote control
The EFOY can communicate with you via mobile telephone or computer in applications when, once again, you aren�t present, but need to run electrical devices.