6000-watt Off-Grid Solar Generator


Atlantic Green Energy now offers a versatile top-of-the-line 6000-watt solar generator inverter system suitable for on- or off-grid electric power.

If you are looking to have clean, reliable back-up power or want to reduce your power bill, while reducing your carbon footprint, then our 6000-watt solar generator is the system that you should consider. Prepare for the worst with today�s best solar technology. Use this system for a home or an office for back-up or supplemental power. Today, it makes no sense to rely on old, noisy diesel or gas engine generator technology, especially when you can have quiet, efficient and cost-free power provided by the sun.

This whole home-power solar generator / inverter is perfect for emergency-power battery backup. With it, when the power-grid stops supplying electricity the solar system delivers an unnoticeable transfer time of 10 milliseconds. Because of a built-in charger, a facility can use existing grid-power to maintain a charge on the deep-cell batteries. It includes an Auto-Gen start that tells the auto-start compatible generator to turn on and provide power for the secondary 24 volt charger. Because this system is configured to accept power from any grid system (50hz or 60hz) one can use this small footprint, solar power system most anywhere on the planet.

The 6000-watt solar generator is also suitable as a standalone system for most off-grid applications. It provides ample reliable electric power for off-power-grid applications, such as a mobile home, camp or cabin.

This complete 24 Volt Split Phase 120/240 Volt OFF-GRID capable unit is comprised of:

  • Eight (8) 120-watt solar panels
  • One (1) charge controller
  • One (1) 6000-watt power inverter charger
  • Four (4) Trojan L-16 370-amp hour batteries
  • Required wire and cable.

Note: This split-phase inverter is capable of producing 110/220 VAC, with the ability to auto detect 50- or 60-hz.

If you�d like to keep the lights on and food in the refrigerator cold, while the rest of the neighborhood is in the dark, then it�s time to invest in peace-of-mind and order a 6000-watt low frequency inverter solar generator built by Atlantic Green Energy.

THIS SYSTEM QUALIFIES FOR THE 30% FEDERAL TAX CREDIT!!!! FINAL PRICE AFTER TAX CREDIT IS $4865.00 If you have any question, then please contact us at 603-474-2550.