AGE Trailer-Mount 3000 Watt Off-Grid Solar Electric System


The trailer Mount 3000 Watt off-grid solar electric system includes:

Solar Panels—2-255 Watt hi-efficiency panels for a total of 510 Watts. One of these panels folds down for safe travel (trailer mount), and is raised for use.

MPPT Charge Controller—Up to 30% more power is produced from the collectors with MPPT technology than with conventional charge controllers.

3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter—Most lower cost solar systems use modified square wave or modified sine wave inverters. Both of these types can be hazardous to electronics and can cause motors to run hot or overheat. Pure Sine wave is clean, safe power, the same (often better) than utility power. Has a USB power port for charging electronics. Inverter output is 120 Volts.

900 Amp/Hour Battery System—Can provide plenty of storage to get you through long nights. Has room for additional batteries if needed.

Trailer (or Cart) Mounted—For easy transportation. Folds down to transport, locks up for power. This trailer can be licensed for highway use.

Plug And Play—Perhaps more accurate would be Point (at the sun) and Plug in your appliances etc.<br
Clock radio ——————— Continuous
Cell phone charger ————– Continuous
Inkjet printer —————— Continuous
Table lamp w/CFL light ———- 185 hours
Laptop computer ——————160 hours
Nintendo WII ——————– 150 hours
20� LCD monitor —————— 75 hours
Coffee maker ———————-50 hours
20 cu. Ft. fridge/freezer ———37 hours
32� LED flat screen TV ———– 46 hours</br