MINI OF- GRID CABIN KIT 3000 Watt Cabin System


The fastest selling of all our kits, designed to bring the comforts of home into your piece of paradise. Wire your cabin as you would your home, and the simply connect the inverter in as you would the grid power. The beauty of this system is that you can run all 120 volt appliances just like at your house. Battery and solar can be expanded.

Off-grid solar kits remote living is becoming increasingly popular. Some individuals prefer the freedom of not being connected to the grid in a cabin or RV life. With off-grid solar kits the initial expenditure is pricy, but not having to worry about the uncertainty of increasing utility rates makes it worth it.

This system includes:
2 Solar World Modules, 255W mono
Morningstar Tristar 45 amp Charge Controller
4 Trojan T-105RE 6V Batteries
Xantrex 3000 watt pure sine Inverter (no charger)
3 Battery interconnect cables 2/0x12″
Black Inverter-Battery Cable 2/0x5′
Red Inverter-Battery Cable 2/0x5′
Mounting Hardware (optional + call for pricing)
What can a 3000 WATT Solar Generator run without recharging?
Clock radio ——————— Continuous
Cell phone charger ————– Continuous
Inkjet printer —————— Continuous
Table lamp w/CFL light ———- 185 hours
Laptop computer ——————160 hours
Nintendo WII ——————– 150 hours
20� LCD monitor —————— 75 hours
Coffee maker ———————-50 hours
20 cu. Ft. fridge/freezer ———37 hours
32� LED flat screen TV ———– 46 hours