AGE 1500 Watt Solar Generator


Atlantic Green Energy builds portable solar power systems that are intended for back-up, emergency, and off-grid recreational electric generation needs. A portable solar-generator allows you to have uninterrupted electricity for limited failures of the power-grid or power outages. It also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint where electricity access is limited. A solar-generator is silent, portable and those built by Atlantic Green Energy are durable and reliable.

The generator is a complete portable power generation, storage and distribution system that includes: 80 WATT photovoltaic solar panel, 130 AMP hrs. storage cells, power inverter and three (3) 110 Volt & one (1) 12 Volt outlet all in a compact easily moved unit.

What can a 1500 WATT Solar Generator run without recharging?
Clock radio ——————— Continuous
Cell phone charger ———– Continuous
Inkjet printer —————— Continuous
Table lamp w/CFL light ——– 88 hours
Laptop computer —————- 85 hours
Nintendo WII ——————— 80 hours
20� LCD monitor —————— 33 hours
Coffee maker ———————–27 hours
20 cu. Ft. fridge/freezer ———27 hours
32� LED flat screen TV ———– 23 hours
Sump pump (1/2 HP) ———— 10 hours
Microwave oven ——————- 1 hour