Solar System

Energy efficient
Solar Systems

Atlantic Green Energy has the capability and know-how to build your solar energy system. Grid-tied solar power systems connect directly into your electric company’s power grid. During the day, your solar power system is generating electricity that is directed onto the main grid, sort of like a small power station.

If your system is of sufficient size and produces more power during the day than you use in the evenings, you may actually end up with a surplus of electricity.

In this case, many electric companies offer a program which is commonly known as “net metering” wherein, if your system produces more than you use, you will be paid a pre-determined amount of money for each kilowatt hour your system produces. Yes! You could actually get a check from your power company instead of sending them one!


Assistance with your solar system

Solar systems come in all sizes, with varying capabilities. Atlantic Green Energy solar experts will meet with you to best determine your needs and build the system that will best work for you. Call (603) 474-2550 today to schedule a free energy assessment of your property.