Energy solar benefits

There are so many
advantages to generating
your own electricity from the sun.


Alternative Energy

Saves Money
With solar energy, property owners spend less money on energy costs. As soon as a solar or wind system is operational, you’ll purchase little or no electricity. Depending on the system, you may even be selling to the power company. 

Increases Property Value
When a solar or wind generated electric system is installed, the property and resale price of the property increases

Protects Our Environment
By using renewable generated energy, instead of electricity that a utility company supplies, you decrease the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are released into our atmosphere.

Declares Energy Independence
Installing an alternative power plant makes helps our county to become less dependent on foreign energy sources, and it means that you’re contributing to a reduction in “brown” energy.

Clearly, solar generated energy is good for you and the environment. However, up until now the biggest obstacle to its use has been the cost of solar powered electricity plants. Fortunately for you, Atlantic Green Energy has the expertise and resources to provide your property energy solutions that make utilizing clean, sustainable solar or wind generated power at a home or place of business a reality.


It’s time to invest in Renewable Energy.

Using solar or wind generated electricity makes more sense now, than ever before. Today’s rebates and tax credits can reduce system installation cost by half of what they were just a few years ago.