Inflectors Panel

Configured to your needs

Solarize Inflectors are available in many configurations. These include:


Standard Panel

Reducing solar and reflective glare, Inflectors block up to 90% of harmful UV rays, yet the see-through material allows natural light to fill the room.


Keep rooms warm in winter

cool in summer

Solarize Inflector panels are used for individual window openings. The frames are available in either steel or aluminum. Steel frames attach to the window magnetically, while aluminum frames attach to the window with spring clips.

Each frame type is easy to install and easy to remove. Inflector Panels come with everything you need. Inflector sheet, frames and connectors.They ar eeasy to install. And we will guide you through it.


Energy savings with
Solarize Inflectors

Inflectors improve the energy performance of a single pane window by more than 70% and the energy performance of a double or insulated glass window by more than 40%.

They become a thermal barrier between the cold window temperature and your room temperature, which stabilizes inside temperature and improves the overall comfort, while reduceing heating and cooling costs.