A technological leap
Solarize Inflectors

Atlantic Green Energy has specialized in assisting property owners in making their structure more energy efficient with thermal barrier (Energy Star) windows for more than 15 years. We continually review new innovations that can serve as a means of reducing building energy use and produce efficiencies that will quickly pay for themselves.

We are pleased to offer the Solarize Inflector, a technological leap in window thermal barriers.

The Solarize Inflector is a dynamic product that easily mounts inside a window or skylight. Inflector panels are a custom-sized, light weight screen that incorporates a metalized, coated, polyethylene sheet laminated to a sheet of carbon graphite PVC that is then perforated and laminated to a sheet of clear polyester.

Adding the Solarize Inflector to any window results in many measurable benefits. And, the less efficient the window, the greater the benefits.


How it works

The unique aspect of the Solarize Inflector is that each side provides different benefits, which makes it applicable for any part of the country and any climate or season.

Keeps rooms cool in summer

In summer the metallic side is mounted facing outward to reflect the suns’ energy or heat gains away from the inside of the building.


Keeps rooms warm in winter

In winter the metallic side faces inward. The inflector acts as a thermal barrier, keeping a heated room temperature from being cooled by the cold glass. It does this by reflecting your rooms’ heat away from its surface. It also absorbs the sun’s energy and transfers it into the heated room,as a passive solar collector.