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Complete gardening system with all component parts, timer, pump, and nutrients. It is ready for planting after easy assembly. A space-saving system takes up less than a 3'x5' (or 4' x 4') area and requires little-time and maintenance to grow nutritious vegetables. The nutrient solution is pumped through coconut fiber-lined grow tubes, which optimizes the flow of oxygen, water and nutrients to plants; at all stages of growth.

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U-Gro Garden Systems
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Imagine having abundant vegetables in your backyard without the hassles of old-world gardening. Now, with U-Gro Hydroponic Garden System a small space can grow A LOT of produce at a low price. Garden fresh is always better, so start today and munch-your-own vegetables, strawberries, herbs, and flowers from now on.

Atlantic Green Energy is a preferred distributor of U-Gro hydroponic systems.
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Atlantic Green Energy is a source for most of the hydroponic equipment that you need:
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